How To Waterproof a Blanket

Posted on July 14 2023

So you are wondering how to make your favorite blanket waterproof? Maybe you are heading out camping for the weekend, or the forecast for your kids soccer game is calling for a little bit of rain. Or, you and your spouse are doing some wrestling and you don't want to have to change the sheets. There are many, many uses for waterproof blankets and even more to just buy one already waterproofed.

Long story short pick up some silicon spray and spray the blanket outside - and your problem will be solved.

BUT, I think you should stay around a read about blankets that are already waterproof. Our choice of water proof blankets is here. Think about the time and mess you are going to go through to waterproof your own blanket. Not to mention buying a new blanket so you don't ruin your others. I think the perfect solution is a waterproof blanket from layered blankets.

What Is a Waterproof Blanket?

A waterproof blanket is a type of blanket that is designed to repel water and prevent moisture from penetrating the fabric. Unlike traditional blankets that absorb liquid, waterproof blankets are constructed using materials and technologies that make them resistant to water. Many blankets could be made strictly of these materials. While others could have them used as a liner to make the blanket soft and luxurious.

Why Use a Waterproof Blanket?

Using something that was made specifically for the use you are searching for will always work out better. Comfort will also play into the equation here. Imagine sitting beneath a blanket that is sprayed with silicon - when The Accent from us is comfy, cozy and waterproof. In the end you get what you pay for and to ensure dryness of your sheets or your body a blanket made to be waterproof wont fail.


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