Cleaning Instructions

So you are interested in a blanket buuuut also realize you need to clean the darn thing. Hopefully I can answer some questions for you.

First things first:

  • Machine wash with COLD or COOL water only (a delicate cycle is preferred)

The reason being here is that the blanket is made of 3 unique layers. The top and bottom are of normal blanket material and the middle is the waterproof membrane (TPU). Hot temperatures will wear down or melt this middle layer quickly and cause the blanket to not be waterproof.

Second thing:

  • Dry on LOW or NO heat

Same as above, the middle waterproof membrane will lose its "waterproof-ness" overtime! Using a high heat setting will melt the internal TPU membrane and the blanket will no longer be waterproof. 

Last thing:

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*Please note - we are not responsible for blankets that are not properly maintained and therefor lose their waterproof capabilities. If the TPU liner melts in the dryer, Layered LLC, is no responsible for damages.