Waterproof Blankets That ARE Big Enough

Posted on July 25 2023

A large waterproof blanket is going to cover everything. Heck, if you wanted an extra large that would even do the trick. Large waterproof blankets are ideal for many situations. I'll dive into what makes a waterproof blanket great, sizes of waterproof blankets and our selection of the ideal large blanket. If you are new to waterproof blankets or have done plenty research keep reading.

Long story short - our favorite large blanket can be found here. We get it, sometimes you don't want to read an entire article - thanks for trusting us.

What is a Waterproof Blanket?

Simply put a waterproof blanket is a blanket that can repel water. Waterproof blankets are made out of many different materials either natural or synthetic. Typically fibers like polyester and cotton are used for comfort. While waterproof membranes are used to provide waterproofing. According to evo gear, TPU and eTPFE are used to provide a waterproof layer. While those don't sound very comfortable - there is generally a face fabric that provides comfort, worth and even some slight absorption. Have no fear - these membranes are medical/food grade and wont have any impact on your endocrine system.

Sizes of Waterproof Blankets

 Extra small, small, travel size, backpack size, love size, extra large, large. So many different names and sizes. It all boils down to your typical sizes - small medium and large.

For our original waterproof blanket the above guide is a great reference. The size you need is directly correlated to what you will be using the blanket for. For me (and what I share with others) the bigger the better. You cannot go wrong with a size large. It is the safest bet when it comes down to comfort and protection. At a minimum of 65 x 57 inches the couch, bed, or body its covering and waterproofing will be covered. Better safe then sorry when it comes to spills and fluids - and a large blanket will have that covered.

How We Can Help

We have several different options when it comes to soft and comfortable waterproof blankets we have two amazing options to choose from. Our original blanket, Accent, is the perfect choice for any situation. It is plush, soft, slightly absorbent but most of all - waterproof. this blanket will have minimal pooling due to the outside layers having some absorbent. It feels great on your skin (or more specifically your backside hehe) and looks great as a throw. Nobody will every know its waterproof.

Our summer blanker, Talia, is just as waterproof but not as warm. this is perfect for the summer months. Its the same thing just made with short fleece and not plush sherpa. This blanket may have a bit more pooling depending on how much liquid is placed on the blanket. Simply because there isn't as much fabric there to absorb.

Have no fear both of these come in large sizes. Because we know the importance of a large blanket and the protection it gives.