The Accent - A Waterproof Blanket to Keep Your Sheets and Sofas Dry

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For reference a queen size bed is 60" x 80"

The Accent Sizes:

Small: 28" x 40"

Medium: 40" x 57"

Large: 57" x 65"

XL: 57" x 85"


The Taila Sizes:

Small: 31" x 40"

Medium: 40" x 47"

Large: 40" x 65"

XL: 60" x 80"


Size: Large

Color: Charcoal

Our original waterproof throw.
This throw is perfect for keeping everything clean and dry. It looks and feels just like any other blanket! Protect your sheets, comforter or couch with this one of a kind waterproof blanket. 

This machine washable, double sided, leak proof, super comfy waterproof blanket is so discreet nobody will ever know what’s it’s for. However, please be sure to wash on cool and dry on low so it lasts a long time :).  Its not like the other blankets!
Please refer to the size guide for sizing.

Soft thick fleece on one side and plush sherpa backing on the other to keep you comfy, warm and dry. Internal waterproof lining provides defense and stops liquids from seeping through.

See the sizing photo for a great visual.

Small - 40" x 28"

Medium - 57" x 40"

Large - 65" x 57"

XL - 85" x 57"

  • Machine wash gentle on cool or cold
  • Tumble dry on low then hang to dry
  • For tough stains use a basic stain remover (darker colors won't show stains)
  • Blankets taken care of will stay waterproof for longer

This throw is made out of 100% polyester fleece. The internal waterproof liner is TPU.

Long story short, the throw can hold a little under a liter of water. There are 3 layers to the blanket. The top is a plush fleece, the middile is a waterproof liner, the bottom is a plush fleece. So, the fleece will soak up some liquid but it wont get through.

  • Adult activities
  • Indoor and outdoor picnics
  • Babies
  • Pets
  • Potty Training
  • Incontinence
  • Birthing
Layered Waterproof Blankets Compared to Others

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

I was very impressed with how well this Blanket worked. We put it to the test when it arrived and found it actually worked better than other waterproof protectors we have been using. Definitely recommend this product!!!

Kathlena Padilla

Kept the sheets dry and I cannot praise it enough!

Angelica Romero

The size was perfect! I got the medium, for the price it's exactly what I would hope for. Definitely more convenient then having to wash sheets multiple times.

Layered Blankets

There is xxx life before layered and after. I can never go without my layered blanket aka “bestie” again! Amazingly waterproof. It feels and looks nice, too! Just the best! 😍


My dude and I needed something for our spicy time because having everything super wet ALL the time was crazy! I saw this blanket scrolling TT and bought it!!! We love it but now that we have a bigger bed I need a bigger blanket!