A Honeymoon Blanket for Adults - Why & What

Posted on September 06 2023

Why you need a honeymoon waterproof blanket

So it happened – you and yours just got married and you’re going to jet away. Maybe its Florida, maybe Mexico or maybe even the Caribbean. One thing is for sure, you are going to have a great time. Which is why you will need a honeymoon sex blanket – a waterproof one at that. What better way to celebrate your wedding than with some adult activities? A waterproof blanket will be sure to make the trip special and keep just about everything clean. Let’s pour (pun intended) into what this is, how to use them, and some amazing choices to make that special trip even more special.

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What is it?

As simple as it sounds in all reality – a super comfortable blanket that you can cuddle up with that will also protect any surface of your choice… These waterproof blankets are typically made of three unique layers. A soft and comfortable outside. This could be flannel, sherpa, silk or cotton. Anything that feels great on bare skin and can keep you warm will do the trick. In many cases artificial fabrics will used so stains will wash away easy. These materials are also more breathable and more durable to make them last longer and be easier to wash. They real secret is inside the blanket – this is what makes them waterproof. An interior TPU liner is used to ensure no liquids are able to make it through. TPU is lightweight and safe for use around humans. However – be sure to wash according to the label to make sure the material will last.

Waterproof Blanket on Bed during Honeymoon

See our favorite options here.

How to use?

Just as how you expected to use them (wink wink). But, it all depends on where you are going on this special trip! Could be the beach, mountains or Europe – the blanket can be used in different ways in different places. In its simplest form you lay the blanket down and do whatever activity you please on top of it. If liquid is spilt on the blanket, simply ball it up, empty out the liquid and was the blanket. As easy as that!

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