Do I Need a Sex Blanket? Discover the Pleasure and Practicality of Waterproof Blankets

Posted on July 28 2023

We have all been there, you do the deed and then realize there is a puddle in the middle of the bed. who is going to sleep in it?

When it comes to intimacy, creating a comfortable and worry-free environment is essential for a truly enjoyable experience. Whether you're a seasoned couple or exploring newfound passions, a sex blanket, or more precisely, a waterproof blanket, can be a game-changer in the bedroom. 

In this article, we'll delve into the world of waterproof blankets, exploring how they add to the pleasure, comfort, and convenience of intimate moments.

Our favorite blanket can be found here.

The Magic of Intimacy

Intimacy is an essential aspect of human relationships, promoting emotional connection, physical pleasure, and overall well-being. I mean - who doesn't like having sex. However, it's not uncommon for couples to have concerns about accidental spills, stains, or messy moments during intimate encounters. A waterproof blanket acts as an invisible shield, protecting all of your bed linens and mattress from any mishaps, allowing you to focus entirely on the moment and each other.

The psychology associated with sex is so important. How can you fully enjoy any moment when you aren't fully present? Eliminating the thought in the back of your head about ruining your sheets and do what you came to do. Make love. 

Embrace Spontaneity

Intimate moments can arise unexpectedly, but the fear of potential messes can stifle spontaneity. With a waterproof blanket at your disposal, you can embrace impromptu encounters with confidence. Gone are the worries about spilled liquids, lubricants, or any other little surprises that might detract from the experience. A waterproof blanket offers the freedom to fully immerse yourself in the passion of the moment without hesitation.

Comfort and Hygiene

Beyond the practical benefits, a waterproof blanket ensures comfort and hygiene during intimate moments. The soft and smooth surface of the blanket enhances the overall experience, creating a cozy setting for you and your partner. Furthermore, a waterproof blanket is easy to clean, making it a hygienic choice for maintaining a fresh and inviting bedroom environment. It is a blanket that is made to get messy and hold in the mess. Plus, the clean up is super simple. All you need to do is fold in the corners, ball it up and throw it in the washing machine. No more changing sheets at 10 pm. No more wet spots.

Perfect for Sensual Massages

A waterproof blanket is not only beneficial during intimate encounters but also perfect for sensual massages. Whether you're using coconut oil, lotions, or any other lubricants, a waterproof blanket prevents them from seeping through and staining your sheets. The blanket's water-resistant properties allow your hands to glide smoothly over your partner's body, enhancing the pleasure of the experience.

Enhanced Connection and Trust

Intimacy is not just about the physical act but also about the emotional connection and trust between partners. A waterproof blanket can be a symbolic gesture of care and consideration, demonstrating that you value your partner's comfort and well-being. Creating an environment where your partner can relax and feel secure fosters a deeper emotional bond, enhancing the connection between you both. It can also be a sign of wanting to have sex. Think about it, you get home from work and see the blanket sitting out and you just know what's about to happen. Something as simple as a blanket can bring you and yours closer together.

Our Choice of A Blanket

The Accent by layered blankets comes in as our absolute favorite. With three unique layers your bed is sure to be protected.

With soft flannel and sherpa you skin will love the feel and the intimacy will be much stronger. One of our favorite things about the blanket is how discreet it is. We are writing about blankets to have sex on, but this throw can easily be used on the couch while eating or at a sporting event. It really is the true package. Don't DIY your own - spend a little money and get one of these.

To Wrap It Up ;)

In the realm of intimacy, the right setting can make all the difference. A waterproof blanket is not just a practical accessory; it's an invitation to explore pleasure without boundaries and share moments of passion without hesitation. Embrace spontaneity, enhance comfort and hygiene, and protect your bedding with this  discreet tool. Whether you're an adventurous couple or simply seeking a more worry-free and intimate experience, a waterproof blanket is a must-have addition to your bedroom. Let go of inhibitions, and let the waterproof blanket be your guide to unforgettable moments of love and connection.