A Sex Blanket To Protect Your Bed

Posted on September 27 2023

Well well well… Somethings just lead to another and your sheets are soaked. Maybe it's due to the shared glass of water you have after the deed is done or its from the deed itself. Either way, you need a sex blanket to protect your bed. Luckily for you, we have just the blanket that can solve your problems and maybe even make things more intimate. I will walk you through some of the key things to look for when you need a sex blanket and our favorite sex blanket.

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What Is A Sex Blanket?

A sex blanket is just about any blanket you use to have sex, simply put. We like to think of a sex blanket as one that is large, protective and has some sort of intimacy associated with it. After all making love is such a special thing, why not do it (wink, wink) on something that is special? That is the whole premise of a sex blanket in our eyes and the protection and size are just bonus's. All in all, a sex blanket can be any blanket. Just make sure that you and yours deem it special and who knows it may just have a spark between the two of you.

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What Size Do I Need?

A lot of the answer to this question is where are you doing it at and what surface do you need to protect? At the end of the day, the bigger the better relates to this as well. Why not get the maximum protection? Don't want to risk any sort of spillage and we both know that the wet spot if the worst thing that can ever happen. I don't think I need to get into it but, nobody likes sleeping in that thing.Sex Blanket Size Guide - Layered Blankets

Above is a size guide related to the size of your bed or mattress and the corresponding size we recommend. Keep in mind this is for the blanket used by two people. If it is just you using the sex blanket then a small or medium may be the best case for you! At the end of the day, get a blanket that you are going to use at a size that will protect your entire couch or bed! In our case, we say an XL :).

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Why Does It Need To Be Waterproof?

Our favorite question. I mean who likes sleeping in a wet spot? Who likes changing their sheets right before bed? Who likes changing their sheets multiple times a week? Not us! And hopefully not you (we think its why your here). All jokes aside a sex blanket that is waterproof puts so much more utility on the blanket. It actually does something other than be a soft surface to lay on. The waterproofing in the blanket essentially provides a peace of mind. You can fully relax and let loose without worry of cleaning up. You don't need to worry about soaking through the blankets or searching for a new fitted sheet out of the closet. When all is said and done you simply ball the waterproof sex blanket up, place it on the floor and worry about it in the morning.

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How Often Should We Use it?

This definitely varies couple to couple, we think it should be used every time you decide to do the deed. There is also a thought process that would save the blanket for really special occasions. Maybe that is an anniversary, birthday or date night. Or maybe its just once when a blue moon when you feel like things need a little extra spice. Another situation may be how you like to be intimate. With different lubes and liquid at play it may be necessary to use it all the time. We like to say, if you bought a sex blanket you may as well use it!

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 How to Clean and Maintain the Blanket

This is the most important thing when it comes to a sex blanket, cleaning. Who knows what kind of fluids, liquids are being sweat out during your experience. Washing and drying the blanket are of the utmost importance. Our sex blanket, the Accent, can be machine washed and dried! When it comes to waterproof sex blankets this is a huge plus. You just need to be sure that the blanket is washed on a cool or cold setting and dried on low or no heat. What makes the blanket waterproof is a inner TPU liner. This liner has the possibility to melt when it gets really hot which is why its important to keep both heat settings as low as possible.

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Which Blanket Do We Recommend?

Our ideal sex blanket is the Accent – Waterproof Throw. This blanket is at the top of its class when it comes to sex blankets. However, we may be biased but we were sure to cross all the bases when it came to engineering a blanket that can make everyone happy (even your bed ha!) The accent is the perfect addition (or accent) to your bed or couch. It looks and feels just like any other blanket. So much so that you wouldn’t even know it was waterproof. Who doesn’t like a little hush hush, if you know you know, inside joke intimacy to get the juices flowing.

Waterproof Blanket For Adults, Dogs, Sex, Kids

 The blanket in action

The blanket is in fact waterproof in a layered fashion. There are three layers the top being plush sherpa, the bottom being soft flannel and the middle being a waterproof Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Don’t worry, the TPU liner is vegan, medical grade and safe to be around. Using a layered approach we can make sure the blanket is durable through many washes and is extra comfortable. Nobody likes laying on a blanket that isn’t soft to the touch. Don’t worry, with all these layers there is no noticeable notice that comes from the blanket, Like we mentioned, nobody will ever know. Be sure to shop the accent blanket here and transform your alone time or together time with the accent waterproof sex blanket.