Discreet Blankets With Water Protection

Posted on July 26 2023

Waterproof blankets, something we'd all hope everyone needs. If your doing it right its a must have for sex. So, I guess me and you are in the group that likes to have fun ha. In all seriousness, getting a waterproof blanket that looks just like your other throws is very important to keep things discreet. Not many adults like the more intimate parts of their lives on display and an subtle throw does just that. Now we could be wrong that the blanket isn't for adult activities but for the couch for your kids or dog. Either way - you came to the right place.

Our favorite discreet waterproof throw can be found here.

What Is A Waterproof Blanket

From a high-level I'm sure you know what a waterproof blanket is. It's simple - a blanket that doesn't let water or other liquids through. Well you are correct but there is a bit more to it. Lets dive in to how they are made and what they are made of. Waterproof blankets are composed of several different materials and fabrics to make them waterproof. Typically there is a waterproof membrane located in the blanket to provide this protection. This is made of a TPU liner, a membrane that is safe to be around you body and wont disrupt hormones. On the exterior of the blanket typically polyester or cotton is use to provide comfort. The exterior fabric is key to making sure the blanket is discreet.

What Makes a Blanket Discreet?

 A blanket is considered discreet when it looks like the other blankets, simply put. They could be large and similar in size to other blankets, or have a similar look and feel. The perfect blanket is a combination of these things. A blanket is considered discreet when it does not draw attention to itself or reveal its true purpose or contents easily. In the context of waterproof blankets, discreteness refers to the ability of the blanket to appear and function like a regular blanket without indicating its waterproof properties. Be sure that your blankets isn't loud or feel stiff. This would be caused by a membrane on the inside of the blanket that isn't well put together. Be sure to look at reviews to determine the best options for a discreet blanket.

Our Discreet Pick

 For a subtle blanket that nobody will know is waterproof we recommend the Accent. It is the comfiest and softest waterproof blanket in our humble opinion. the blank has 3 layers. Soft plush sherpa, a waterproof membrane (TPU), and soft fleece.

The blanket is also quiet and lightweight. When sitting as a typical throw on your couch or the edge of your bed it looks like every other blanket. But when the time is right or you decide you want some wine in bed you can break it out and have no fear your sheets and couch are protected. The blanket is made of polyester which is a stain resistant material and provides some absorption. this means that there wont be pool of liquids and you wont feel uncomfortable laying on it.

You can find the blanket here and you can read FAQs here.