The Best Waterproof Blanket for Sex - A Comprehensive Review

Posted on September 30 2023

Well we know that sex blankets reduce anxiety and makes deeper arousal, so what is the best waterproof blanket for sex? The Accent waterproof throw is hands down the best waterproof blanket for sex on the market. For reasons we will get into shortly. But, in case you were in a hurry and wanted to buy one I wanted to let you know before the next several words explaining why.

There are a few reasons why the Accent is the best waterproof sex blanket - comfort, discreetness, waterproofing and quality. We know there are a lot of other blankets on the market, but we are sure that this one takes the cake when it comes to the best sex blanket.

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Who wants to be the one to get it on top of a blanket that isn’t comfortable? Not me, so I know you definitely don’t want too either. Can you imagine lying on top of a tarp? No thanks! You also could be using the blanket to cuddle before or after sex and which in that case you don’t want to be uncomfortable. I cannot think of a scenario where you would want your blanket to be uncomfortable and if there was, sex wouldn’t be on that list.

The Accent has been tested, and tested, reviewed, and reviewed and the blanket is very comfortable (check out our reviews!) When used in both a solo setting and with a partner the waterproof blanket is one that your bare bottom or back wants to lay on! The blanket itself is made from super soft sherpa as well as flannel. Making it a great option for the summer, winter, or any season in between. With multiple size offerings to have maximum coverage or minimum coverage. A travel or personal size blanket is available in small. While a larger, full coverage, king size or queen size blanket is available in L or XL. Whatever the use case or surface you need protected. We have you covered.

Shop our waterproof sex blanket here.


Depending on your situation this may or may not be important to you. If you are in a household or share a room with someone else you may want a blanket that has a similar look to any other blanket. Not many of us want our roommates, children or guests to know we have a blanket for sex. That might make for some awkward explaining. Good thing for you’d would never know that the Accent is a sex blanket or even waterproof for that matter. It looks just like any other throw or blanket you have on the edge of your bed or hanging on the end of your sofa.

Waterproof Blanket For Adults, Dogs, Sex, Kids

The blanket was also engineered to have the quietest waterproofing technology. There is no coating or anything applied externally. Which makes it hard to tell by the naked eye that the blanket is waterproof. The lightweight waterproof liner is sewed into the middle of the blanket. The liner is made of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is light weight and very durable. With tight seams the blanket is quiet as a mouse when ruffled and isn’t abnormally heavy. Anyone could cuddle up with this blanket and never wonder if the blanket has other uses than for cuddling! Keep this is mind we will dive deeper into in the next section.

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As mentioned above our blanket is light years ahead of the others in its class simply based on the technology in the blanket that allows it to be waterproof.There are many materials that can be used and we have all seen the shoe spray that will make your tennis shoe waterproof, I’ll admit it’s cool. However, that is NOT what is applied to our waterproof blanket. We are proud to admit that there is no coating, spray or repellent needed to make our blankets waterproof.

There are three layers to the Accent waterproof throw. The top and bottom are like any other material you would make a blanket out of, sherpa and flannel. These two materials are perfect for any season. Maybe its hot out and you lay on the flannel side, maybe its cool out and you need some warmth, so you switch to sherpa. Whatever it is this blanket has you covered, In between these two layers is a sewn in waterproof liner. TPU or Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is tightly sewn into the blanket. TPU is a medical grade material that is lightweight and most importantly safe to be around! Since this layer is thin, there is minimal added weight to the blanket. Yes, due to the additional layer the blanket does weigh slightly more, but don’t worry it’s not close to a “weighted blanket.”

Shop our waterproof sex blanket here.

The Blanket

Here you can see the blanket we have been talking about. How amazing! There are three different sizes to the blanket so any situation you will be covered and protected. As usual, we recommend using the extra-large blanket to make sure all your bases are covered when it comes to sexual activities.

We really believe that your alone time or sex life will become elevated. First off due to the ease of clean up. No more crusty towels or puppy pee pads. We both know those things are not sexual at all and can even turn you off! Simply ball up the towel and place it on the floor to deal with in the morning. You can sleep peacefully knowing their won’t be another wet spot. Secondly, it can enhance the intimacy! How fun is it to leave the blanket out and have a little inside joke or “IYKYK” moment when guests are over? Or to come home after a long day and see that you spouse or partner as laid it on the bed as a foreshadowing for what’s to come a little later? Both of those seem like a no brainer to go ahead and purchase.

You can shop the blanket here. We also recommend checking out our frequently asked questions and reviewing the care instructions. Have fun 😊.

Shop our waterproof sex blanket here.