Waterproof Blanket Queen Size - For a Queen of Course

Posted on September 20 2023

You found yourself here because you have a queen size bed and you are looking for a waterproof blanket that can protect the entire bed. Hey, I totally get it. Sometime its for alone time, sometimes its for me and my boyfriend and sometimes its for my dog. But every single time I despise the wet spot or the cuddle puddle or the puddle of urine (sorry had to go there) and I wish it wasn't a thing. Which brings to me to the next point, you are in the right place. We have the perfect waterproof blanket that is queen size, and bigger and smaller if that's what you are looking for.

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Layered Blanket Sizes

When we designed our blankets and did our initial product research we wanted something that would fit everyone's preferences. So we went with the typical small, medium, large and XL sizes.

Our size chart is seen below:

  • Small - 40" x 28"
  • Medium - 57" x 40"
  • Large - 65" x 57"
  • XL - 85" x 57

The size of a queen sized bed is 78" x 60" - which begs the question, do you want full coverage of the entire bed? I think most people would say yes, but, as your blanket guru I would take some time to think about that. 

Waterproof Blanket Queen Size

As you can gather from the figure above, most of the ideal blanket sizes for a queen bed are the larger sizes we carry. But there is a good question to ask, should the blanket cover the entire bed?

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Should The Blanket Cover The Entire Bed?

Look, I'd love to have you buy the largest blanket we carry. There is not a question that bigger is better when it comes to blankets, especially waterproof ones. But we need to know what you will be using it for. A queen bed is relatively small so the use case is important. Will the blanket be used for sex? For a child? For Pets?

  • Children - I think a medium or large sized blanket is suitable. Kids are small and maximum coverage may not be necessary. If you are worried about spills from sippy cups or wetness from potty training a medium or large blanket will do the trick.
  • Intimacy - I think its how crazy you are gonna get, lol wink wink. The safest bet for intimacy will be a large on a queen size bed. But if you want to be safe and be very comfortable an XL will do the trick. It really boils down to you and yours and your specific situation. All I can say is if there are two people involved, don't get a small :).
  • Pets - dogs, cats and other animals this is when I would recommend an XL blanket for a queen sized bed. Dogs and cats get messy, dirty and wet. Sometimes they like to shuffle around. Might as well avoid all of this in general and get the ultimate protection, which is an XL blanket

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Why a Layered Waterproof Blanket

Why do you need a layered waterproof blanket, versus one lets say, with a waterproof coating. I think at the end of the day this boils down to two things

  • Comfort
  • Ease of use

First things first you want something that is comfortable to lay on or to cover up with. Of course you say, but, this is just what a blanket that has multiple layers provides. You don't have to deal with rough outer shells or weird feeling waterproof coatings. By placing the waterproofing material inside of the blanket you can use an outer layer that is comfortable to the touch!

When thinking about ease of use I include maintenance and durability as well. With an outer shell or other waterproofing methods you have to be sure you have the right side up when you are using liquids. Not when your waterproofed blanket is layered. Also maintenance and durability - we need to be able to clean these things (based on the paragraph above) and we want it to last long. Waterproof coatings can wear off after many washes and outer shells can crack and dry. An internal TPU layer can be washed and dried - making it the perfect option.

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What is TPU?

Since I mentioned waterproofing and the material used (TPU). I wanted to shed some light on it. I wrote a full article that you can see here to read a bit more. TPU is a safe, medical grade material that is used to waterproof! Waterproof not only blankets but a sluh of other things. This material is a significant advancement and can now be used to make our lives easier. With a relatively thin layer sewn into our blankets it can become waterproof. This adds minimal noise and weight to the blanket, which is especially important when trying to be discreet.

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Layered Blankets Blanket of Choice

Our original waterproof blanket is one we engineered to be long lasting, comfortable and durable. The Accent waterproof throw is soft and cozy and plush and waterproof. Made out of three layers - sherpa, TPU and flannel its perfect for staying warm or those warm nights when you want to lay on something cool. You can wash this blanket on cool and cold temperatures as well as dry the blanket on low or no heat. Making it perfect for any activity and any washing and drying machine.

You can shop the blanket here. Know your queen sized bed is in good hands good hands with a layered blanket! All in all the quality of the blanket is something we didn't compromise on and is what has lead to many many happy customers. Here is to no more wet spots!

Shop our queen sized blanket here. Get an XL!