Hey Siri Search "Waterproof Blankets - But Make Them XL"

Posted on August 01 2023

So you need a blanket that is waterproof, but you need one that is extra large. Whether its for sex, camping, picnics, or protecting your couch an extra large waterproof blanket will get your job done. The waterproof blanket seamlessly combines functionality and sensuality. Originally designed for outdoor adventures, these blankets have found a new purpose in the bedroom, enhancing intimacy, providing protection, and opening up a world of possibilities for adult activities. But - we have come to realize that in the bedroom bigger is better. So we set out to make extra large blankets accessible to everyone.

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Spacious Comfort for Your Bedroom

A key draw of extra large waterproof blankets is their generous size, offering ample space for your bedroom indulgence. Whether you're snuggling up with your partner, engaging in adult activities (at home or in the great outdoors), these blankets provide a cozy and comfortable surface for your intimate moments. By covering such a large area it makes it much more comfortable and comes with a great piece of mind. The additional space also allows for freedom of movement and exploration, making it ideal for couples who enjoy a more open and unrestricted experience. I mean who wouldn't agree laying on a king bed is better than laying on a twin bed.


                                                              A size chart for blanket sizes

Sensual and Intimate Exploration

Intimacy is a cornerstone of any romantic relationship, and a waterproof blanket can take it to new heights. With its water-resistant properties, you and your partner can explore a world of sensuality without any worries about spills or messes. Whether you're experimenting with massage oils, lubricants, coconut oil or other playful activities, the waterproof feature ensures that your bedding remains pristine and that you can focus solely on each other's pleasure.

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Protection for Your Bedding

While adult activities can be exhilarating, they can also be messy. A waterproof blanket acts as a protective layer for your bedding, shielding it from any potential stains or spills. No longer will you need to be concerned about damaging your expensive sheets or mattress during intimate moments. The waterproof feature offers peace of mind, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the moment without any distractions.

                                          Waterproof blankets protect from all liquids

Enhanced Cleanliness and Hygiene

Keeping your bedding clean and hygienic is crucial for a healthy bedroom environment. Extra large waterproof blankets are easy to clean and maintain, making them an excellent choice for adult activity use. Most blankets can be wiped down with a damp cloth or spot cleaned, while others are machine washable for more thorough cleaning. Always refer to the tag for cleaning instructions. Typically these blankets will need to be washed on gentle and dried or low or no heat. Its important to not damage the waterproof liners with high heat.

Versatility for Outdoor and Indoor Use

One of the best aspects of extra large waterproof blankets is their versatility. While they are perfect for bedroom use, they can also be your go-to accessory for outdoor adventures. Whether you're heading to the beach, having a picnic in the park, or going on a romantic camping trip, these blankets provide a comfortable and water-resistant surface, ensuring that your outdoor moments are just as enjoyable as those indoors.

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A Discreet and Practical Choice

In the realm of adult activities, privacy and discretion are essential. An extra large waterproof blanket provides both, allowing you to create an intimate and comfortable space wherever you go. The waterproof feature keeps your activities discreet and worry-free, ensuring that your special moments remain private and personal.

Built to Last

Just like outdoor-grade waterproof blankets, those designed for bedroom and adult activity use are constructed to be durable and long-lasting. TPU is used to provide a waterproof layer think of this as an internal membrane. While that doesn't sound very comfortable - there is generally a face fabric that provides comfort, warmth and even some slight absorption. These fabrics are ones that every other blanket you own is made of - so they feel the same. Have no fear - these membranes are medical/food grade and wont have any impact on your endocrine system. High-quality materials and reinforced stitching ensure that these blankets can withstand frequent use and maintain their water-resistant properties over time.


To Wrap It Up ;)

In the world of bedroom and adult activities, extra large waterproof blankets have revolutionized intimacy, comfort, and cleanliness. Their generous size, water-resistant technology, and versatile applications make them the perfect accessory for intimate moments both indoors and outdoors. These blankets provide the space, protection, and freedom to explore sensuality without inhibitions, all while keeping your bedding (or couch or tent) clean and fresh.

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Investing in an extra large waterproof blanket is an investment in your pleasure, privacy, and bedroom satisfaction. It's a gateway to a world of possibilities, where intimacy knows no bounds, and you and your partner can revel in the pleasures of your shared experiences. So, whether you're planning a romantic night in or an adventurous escapade outdoors, let the extra large waterproof blanket be your trusty companion, guiding you towards unforgettable moments of passion and connection.