Waterproof Throw Blankets For Adults

Posted on September 18 2023

You've experienced it, a wet spot in the middle of you bed. You and yours played rock, paper, scissors for who had to sleep in it and you lost. So now your scrolling at ways to have this never happen again. LOL, well we have all been there, and thankfully there is a way around it. A waterproof throw blanket for adults will do the trick. This amazing blankets are not only waterproof, but discreet and comfortable too. You wont be a able to not do it with one once you try it. You can relax and let go all while knowing you wont have a cuddle puddle or have to change the sheets after.

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What Is A Waterproof Blanket?

What is a waterproof blanket? What a question. A wide range of blankets can fall into this category. A sheet of plastic or a trap could be used to keep you warm (so uncomfortable). I like to think of a waterproof blanket like this:

  • Comfortable
  • Discreet
  • Waterproof

In our case, why would you want something that isn't nice for your skin to lay on? Making a blanket out of soft sherpa, flannel, fleece or cotton that feels amazing to cozy up with is the most important. I mean - if you are using this blanket for sex you want something to enhance the mood not make you itchy and scratchy.

When it comes to the second bullet point don't you want something as an "IYKYK" situation? Discreet is great because its your little secret. Maybe its a subtle setting the blanket on the bed so when they get home from work they know what's about to happen. Or its sitting on the couch with the dog and the kids and you don't want them to know. What I am trying to get at is you don't want a blanket that screams "sex blanket" laying around. Keep it discreet and the intimacy will keep on growing.

Last but definitely not least is the waterproof aspect of the blanket. I mean that is the reason we are here in the first place. The reason it is the last bullet is the fact that comfort and discreet all play into the waterproofing. In order to get a blanket that is both comfortable and discreet you need a blanket with an internal waterproof liner. Stay far far away from blankets that have a spray on coating - these will slowly wash off and wont feel nice on your skin.

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What Size Should I Get?

The bigger the better... ha ha ha. But really, you never know what could happen so we always recommended sizes that are one larger than what you originally thought. You are getting a blanket to protect a surface, make sure you don't run the risk of getting that surface dirty or wet due to a blanket that is too small.

Here is a size breakdown of the blankets we offer. To be on the safe side, I think you will need the extra large blanket. Like I said, you never know!

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How To Know If Its For Adults

You can typically figure out easily if the waterproof blanket is designed for adults. Firstly, look at the dimensions; adult-sized blankets are generally larger, fitting standard-sized beds comfortably. Secondly, assess the design and aesthetics – adult-oriented patterns, colors, and materials are usually distinct from those intended for children. Adult blankets often prioritize comfort and durability, using materials such as microfiber or plush fabrics. Moreover, they might be thicker and heavier, providing better insulation and warmth for grown-up users. Features like noiseless design and advanced waterproofing technology are also more common in adult-oriented blankets. Lastly, review the product's marketing and description, as well as customer reviews, to gauge if it's suitable for adult use.

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What Can We Use It For?

The list here can go on and on and on. There are a few big ones though that take the cake when it comes to waterproof blankets:

  • Intimacy - Whether its for yourself or with your special person. A waterproof blanket can help relax all parties and protect you bed or couch! I mean don't we all hat sleeping in a wet patch? And don't we all hate changing the sheets multiple times a week?
  • Sporting events - Ever go and watch a football game in the fall or spring and it starts to drizzle? It just makes it so much colder. A waterproof blanket can keep you warm and dry when the weather changes. It is also a great option to lay out to sit on at an early morning game. Which brings me to my next point
  • Picnics - Stay protected from the elements when you decide to sit down and enjoy lunch. Don't worry - most blankets come made of stain resistant materials.
  • Children - Lets face it, kids are messy. With spills and dropped food happening all the time this is perfect to pop down on the ground to protect any surface.
  • Pets - Dogs and cats go inside and outside and next thing you know they are up on the couch or on the sofa. Lay down a waterproof blanket to make sure there will be no surprises when they get up and go on their way.   Waterproof Blankets For Adults

Cut to the chase, shop our blankets here.

Our Perfect Blanket

When it all shakes out our choice of waterproof blanket is the Accent. The blanket is perfect for all of the above use cases. It also comfortable, discreet and waterproof. Three of the big things we said to look for when it comes to a waterproof blanket. The blanket was designed with the adult in mind and truly works like it should.


You can find the blanket here. When it comes to quality Layered blankets really sticks out among the other companies. It has a feel of luxury without a large price tag. The blanket is warm, but also has a flannel side to lay on if you want to stay cooler. There is also very little noise when the blanket is moved around. With the three layers and a TPU liner noise could be an issue but not here. There is also an ability to wash and dry in a washing machine. This makes life easier but be sure to read the care instructions here.

 Thanks for reading and we hope that you enjoyed the article. Best of luck staying dry, even though you wont need it with the accent.