What Materials is a Waterproof Blanket Made of?

Posted on October 18 2023

We all reach a time in our life when we get tired of the wet spot. Who honestly likes to lay in a cold, wet, slimy puddle? Not me, and clearly not you. Which is why you are here doing some research on waterproof blankets and how to make it so you never have to deal with wet sheets again. When it comes to waterproof blankets there are a TON of options. Different fabrics and feels, different sizes and shapes. What it all boils down to is what material is the waterproof blanket made from. Why is the blanket waterproof?

Common Waterproof Materials Are:

  • Polyethylene
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Let’s make a splash and see the what is what when it comes to waterproof blankets and make sure you never have wet sheets from sex or spills again.

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What is a waterproof blanket?

A waterproof blanket is one that can stop liquids and other semi-liquids from getting on the surface below it. Doing this, all while being comfortable and cozy and even keeping you warm! Waterproof blankets come in all shapes and sizes. They also have many ways that they are waterproof. These blankets can be layered or sprayed with a coating but at the end of the day a waterproof blanket bridges comfort and practicality while keeping you comfortable.

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What materials are waterproof?

This can be a loaded question that could have its own blog post about. When it comes to waterproofing there are many, many materials that can stop water as well as other liquids. Everything from plastic to metal. However, both of those materials are ones you don’t want in a blanket. Which is why a blend of these materials is one that is the most popular.

Rain Falling onto A Waterproof Blanket

An engineered material, thermoplastic polyurethane, is the ideal material that makes waterproof blankets unique. TPU is a breathable, safe material that is layered within the blanket or on a top or bottom layer of the blanket to make sure no liquids get through.

Another material is Polyethylene. Polyethylene is a widely used synthetic polymer, a type of plastic, that is made up of long chains of ethylene monomers. It is one of the most common and versatile plastics in the world. This material isn’t as common due to the long, expensive process to make the material. People also seem to criticize the amount of emissions it takes to make a blanket with this material.

Be sure to be wary about waterproof coatings that are applied to blankets. These could be potentially harmful and can be un-appealing to touch. When you are covering up with a waterproof blanket you want to be sure you are comfortable – a material like TPU does just that.

Other materials that can be used inside a waterproof blanket are plastic and various versions of nylon.

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What should the blanket be made of?

This is where the fun comes in! Whatever material you want to lay on is what the blanket should be made of! Nobody wants to make an investment into a waterproof blanket to wind up not even wanting to utilize it. Waterproof blankets can be used in very intimate times, which is why its important to make sure that the blanket is comfortable.

Personally, I like to incorporate modern materials like polyester into waterproof blankets. The outer layer of the blanket is often made of fabric like polyester or a polyester blend. This layer can vary in texture, from soft and plush to smooth, depending on the desired feel of the blanket. No matter how the blanket will be used, having a material like polyester can be helpful. Naturally polyester is stain resistant which makes it ideal. Whether its spills from the kiddos or stains from sex with your partner. Polyester can do the trick.

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How can I maintain a waterproof blanket?

When it comes to waterproof blankets, you want to get a blanket that is made from materials that can be machine washed and machine dried. You want to keep in mind how a waterproof blanket is constructed though. These blankets are typically engineered out or modern materials. Some of these modern materials cannot stand up to the high heat of the washer and drier.

  • Wash on cool or cold
  • Tumble dry on low or no heat

If you accidentally wash the blanket on a higher heat setting, that is no big deal. However, it is important to maintain the blanket to the manufacturers standards so the blanket can last a long time. Extremely high heat can slowly break down waterproof liners and coatings. This would essentially leave your blanket just like any other blanket! At the end of the day, you spent money on a blanket to protect your sheets and your sofa. Take care of it so it can last you a long time!

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What Blanket Should I Buy?

At the end of the day we recommend you do your research when selecting a waterproof blanket. With many different sizes and uses you need to make sure you are getting the right blanket for your needs.

With that being said, be sure to check out the Accent – Waterproof Throw. This blanket was created to be super soft and durable. The blanket has an internal waterproof liner that is durable and won’t let an ounce of water through. It could be for sex or it could be for your kids – either way no body will know that it is waterproof and everyone will be please with the comfort.

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How do I wash a waterproof blanket?

Tumble dry on low and wash on cool or cold. Be sure not to use high heat or the blanket could be damaged and no longer be waterproof

Can the Blanket be used for sex?

Yes, and many other things! Camping, cats, dogs, picnics, sporting events and even the beach!

How much water can it hold?

It can hold up to 32oz for 6 hours or more! To dispose of a puddle simply walk it over the the sink or shower and dump the water to the drain.