A Sex Blanket To Protect the Bed - Reddit

Posted on October 03 2023

A Sex Blanket to Protect the Bed – Reddit

 You’re on the hunt for a blanket, but it isn’t just any blanket. This blanket is one that will make sure you never have another wet spot in your bed, a sex blanket to protect the bed reddit. Maybe you call it a cuddle puddle or a party puddle, but we all hate sleeping in them. You also want to know what others think about these amazing innovations, so you decided to look on reddit. Look no further, I will do a deep dive into what to look for in a sex blanket. All while giving a firsthand look into what the masses are saying about these blankets.

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Why Waterproof?

 The first question you might ask is why waterproof? If you are looking for protection, I think this question pretty much answers itself! Look, when it comes to sex there are a lot of liquids involved. For some of us more than others… Anything from oils to lubricants to sweat to even a few other things can get on your bed sheets and in some cases even soak down to the bed and stain the bed itself. That right there can ruin your what should be fun and relaxing time. We have all tried to get oil-based stains out of different materials and it’s no fun, as well try to get smelly liquids out of things we can’t clean (like a bed!). So why wouldn’t we prevent them from soaking through?

Waterproof Sex blanket

Enter the waterproof blanket. The waterproof blanket is the absolute perfect option when it comes to protection. With a waterproof layer you don’t have to worry about those puddles soaking through. You don’t have to worry about those liquids potential staining and you don’t have to worry about the potential smell that is associated. A waterproof blanket rather than a normal blanket truly gives you peace of mind. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to fully relax and let go when it comes to those intimate times either alone or with your loved one.

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Why a Blanket?

 There are many different options when it comes to waterproofing a bed. It could be waterproof sheets that you put on your entire bed. It could be a plastic liner or mattress protector that goes beneath the sheets to protect the mattress itself. Wither one of these are great options but are they practical? And are they comfortable?

The waterproof sheets are a great idea, don’t get me wrong. The biggest con I see with them is the fact that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to put them on and get them off the bed. What ever happened to a quickie? Let me tell you there will be none of those if you must put on a new pair of sheets before you get busy. Also isn’t that what we are trying to get away from? Changing the sheets after sex because of the wet spot? Waterproof sheets are also loud and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to roll around on plastic or what could be plastic.

A lot of the same points apply to mattress protectors as well. We (at least myself) like to think of my bed as something that is comfortable. Imagine lying on a waterproof mattress protector that when you roll over you could hear every move. No thanks!

All in all, a blanket is important simply due to comfort and ease. Get something that is easy to bust out on the bed and something that is easy to remove and throw in the washer. Make sure that something is comfortable to get in the mood not out of the mood with a cozy blanket.

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What Should We Look For in a Waterproof Blanket?

There are a few different things to look for in a waterproof blanket. You want something that will hold up for a while (durable), something that is comfortable and something that works. After a lot of research and the creation of our own blanket we narrowed it down to those three things and really believe

  • Durability – Make sure to get a blanket that is designed to do what you are going to be doing on it. Whether that is solo play or intimacy time with a partner we recommend first and foremost you get a blanket made for sex. With the blanket being designed for sex itself and not pets or children potty training, you’ll be sure to get one that can be machine washed over and over. This is easy clean up that we want! You’ll also get a blanket that is made out materials to repel different stains. That could be red wine, blood (who hasn’t bonked heads and got a bloody nose) or various lubricant.
  • Comfort – Such an important aspect. Check the material of the blanket and make sure it is one that suits your needs. Flannel and sherpa are always safe choices due to the familiarity we all have with them. Its also important to think of your climate – maybe a thinner blanket with a flannel outer shell is best because its hot where you live. Get a soft blanket that you will want to lie on with your bare skin. It’ll make you want to use it more, which will make you feel better!
  • Practicality – Make sure your blanket is waterproof. I know it sounds like a silly thing to say but check how the blanket repels water. We would stay away from blankets that use a waterproof coating to stop liquids. These blankets won’t have any absorption but can get that coating on your skin which is never fun. We recommend getting a blanket with an internal waterproof layer. This not only allows for maximum water protection but ultimate comfort as well.

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Our Choice

Our selection of waterproof blankets can be found here. The Accent waterproof throw or blanket is the best on the market. It has a double-sided design with sherpa and flannel, this not only gives comfort but also options! If it’s cold, you can use the sherpa and if its warm you can use the flannel. The blanket can be machined washed and dried on low as well. The Accent encompasses everything you need in a sex blanket.