Are Waterproof Blankets Actually Waterproof? - A Question for Plato

Posted on September 15 2023

I think we all have some skepticism when it comes to waterproof blankets. What are they? Are they actually waterproof? How do they work? Does it make sense to get one for my toddler? What about sex? Have no worries I will explain the who, what and why when it comes to these and give you a recommendation on which one to purchase.

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Are They Actually Waterproof?

A good question and one that someone would automatically respond yes to. However, it's important to look at who the company is selling the blankets and how the blanket is waterproof. Blankets with an exposed plastic layer are of course going to be waterproof, but who likes laying on a tarp on their bed? The highest quality waterproof blankets are come with an internal waterproof layer or seal (see here). With an entire layer dedicated to waterproofing the blanket you can be sure that what your getting is quality and that it works. So to actually answer the question - yes, if the blanket is quality. Just make sure when you do purchase the blanket you are sure to wash it correctly.

Does it Make Sense to Buy?

The decision to get a waterproof blanket for intimacy is a matter of personal preference and practicality. In our experience, it really helps relax and is a symbol for the couple. Waterproof blankets can offer certain advantages during intimate moments, as they provide protection against spills, stains, and moisture, which can be particularly useful in maintaining a clean and comfortable environment. They can also offer peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience without worrying about potential messes. However, whether you should get one depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you value convenience and easy cleanup, a waterproof blanket may be a practical addition to your bedroom. 

When it comes to waterproof blankets for kids there are also several factors at play. Waterproof blankets can be a valuable addition, especially if your child is prone to spills or bedwetting. They offer protection against moisture, preventing it from reaching the mattress and potentially prolonging the life of the mattress. Additionally, they can simplify the cleanup process, saving you time and effort. If your child has outgrown bedwetting or doesn't typically spill liquids in bed, a waterproof blanket might not be necessary. It all comes down to, will it save you time and energy.

What Blanket Do We Recommend? 

All in all we recommend the Accent. A waterproof blanket we designed that you wont even know is waterproof. The blanket is layered so the quality is there and is super comfortable.

As you can see in the above cut-out, the blanket is designed to be easy to maintain and easy to use. If you are going to get something get something that is quality and that's exactly what this is.