THE Best Waterproof Blanket for the Bed

Posted on September 14 2023

Ok, so you found yourself here looking for a way to protect your sheets. Maybe because you and yours like to wrestle (wink wink), your dog likes to climb in the bed or a toddler cant stop spilling a sippy cup. Fortunately you landed in the right place. If you're an adult like myself, you only want the best. I'll walk you through some things to look for when purchasing a waterproof blanket and the best one to get to keep you sheets clean and dry.

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What is a Waterproof Blanket?

Most of the time I would say things like this are self explanatory. So it would be a blanket that is waterproof. But I think there is a lot more to explain when it comes to these marvels of engineering. A waterproof blanket is simple as that - a blanket that doesn't let liquid through. But don't think of a waterproof blanket as one that isn't comfortable. Our favorite pick is incredibly comfortable and cozy. Best of all you'd never know it was waterproof. The blanket consists of three layers. The top and bottom layers are made of your favorite fabrics while the middle layer provides the waterproof barrier. Typically made out of TPU this membrane is perfect for keeping your sheets dry. So when asked what a waterproof blanket is - you can now say its a modern feat of comfort and practicality.

What to Look For In A Blanket

A waterproof blanket for the bed should possess several essential qualities. First and foremost, effective waterproofing is paramount. It must feature a reliable waterproof layer or membrane that acts as a shield, preventing any liquids, spills, or accidents from seeping through and reaching the mattress or bedding. When you take a step back and review many different blankets the blankets with an internal membrane are the highest quality and work the best. With a membrane ensuring waterproofing it makes it especially useful for households with children, couples having sex or pets. Additionally, a great waterproof blanket should maintain breathability, allowing for proper air circulation. Keeping a cool temperature during sleep or wrestling is also very important - don't want to get too hot!

Comfort is another aspect. You need a waterproof blanket made from soft and hypoallergenic materials like microfiber, cotton, or fleece. These materials provide a cozy and luxurious feel against your skin, making for a comfortable night's sleep or a cozy snuggle. Durability is also key. Look for a blanket with sturdy construction, reinforced seams, and easy maintenance. A bed's waterproof blanket should withstand regular use and washing without deteriorating, ensuring a long lifespan. When it comes to sizing, make sure you get one that is suitable to your needs.

Our Choice of Waterproof Blanket

All in - our recommendation is the Accent. Designed and created by Layered this blanket is the top of the line. Perfect for the bed or for the sofa this will give you the waterproof protection you need.


With a cutout diagram of the blanket about you can see how a waterproof membrane is used to protect while the out layers are strictly for comfort. When it doubt go with a layered blanket.