A Waterproof Quilted Blanket - Worth It or Not?

Posted on October 12 2023

Everyone loves quilts; I mean they are a staple at grandma’s house. You can feel nostalgia and warmth when you cover up with one. There is no doubt they make the best blanket for a nap or a long winters night sleep. However, as the years go by and things change you are starting to use quilts for different uses. Maybe you are in the market for a sex blanket, maybe its for an outdoor sporting event or maybe its for your kids to lay on when they are learning to potty training. Any way you are going to use the waterproof quilted blanket its important to get a high-quality blanket and to get one that has all of the following:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Use

Before we jump into those three categories and get to the blanket we recommend. Lets talk a look at how Mr. Merriam Webster defines a quilt:

“a bed coverlet of two layers of cloth filled with padding (such as down or batting) held in place by ties or stitched designs”


This opens the door to many different types of blankets. All in all, you want a blanket that is quilted even if you didn’t realize it. These blankets are going to be the best bang for your buck.

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Durability – Why?

Getting a waterproof blanket that is durable is clearly going to be your best decision. We must keep in mind that getting a blanket that’s waterproof means you will be doing something on the blanket. That could be adult wrestling or using the blanket on a cool fall day out on the lake! Make sure your waterproof quilt is well put together. A good judge of this is the material of the waterproof liner. Thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU is the material to look for. If you are using the blanket in a scenario where lubricants and potentially smelly liquids could be getting on the blanket, you want to be able to wash the blanket in the washing machine. A blanket that is machine washable is going to be durable and will fit your needs.

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Comfort – The Most Important Thing

We all want a blanket that we want to cover up and cozy up with. What is the point of something that is uncomfortable to the touch? There are some things to consider when choosing a blanket that is also waterproof. Be sure to investigate how the water is repelled. If the blanket is sprayed with a coating be sure to stay far away. After talking to several customers when designing our blanket, the key here was not a coating but an internal waterproof liner. As mentioned above, TPU is the material you want to look for in a layered blanket.

You also want to investigate what materials the blanket is made from. Make sure the blanket is made from material that you want to lay on. Sherpa and flannel are always safe bets! These materials are naturally stain resistant too which makes things super easy depending on what you are using the blanket for. Cotton is also a good choice, but you need to keep in mind potential shrinkage. The last thing you want is a blanket that shrinks when you wash or dry it!

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Ease Of Use

A blanket that is easy to maintain, take in and out of the closet or that can be displayed on the edge of the bed is very important when selecting a waterproof blanket. If adults are using it or if kids are using it you want to be sure its machine washable. This will make you want to use it, which is especially important if it’s an intimacy blanket! Make sure that the blanket isn’t too heavy either. We have all felt a weighted blanket and those are tough to take in and out of their storage areas. Not to mention thought to clean, the darn thing weighs so much more soaking wet! Getting a waterproof blanket that is discreet also adds to its ease of use. Its much easier to keep the spark going if the sex blanket never gets put away! Leaving that blanket draped over the foot of the bed could be the definition of ease of use. It’ll take just a few seconds to lay that thing out on the bed and get to it.

Waterproof Blanket Washing Machine

Honestly, the easier the blanket is to use the more use you will get out of it. View these items as an investment and don’t skimp on the little things. The easier it is to use the more you will use the blanket.

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Our Choice

When it all shakes out or should I say dries out there is a clear blanket we recommend. It really does cover the three points we mentioned and its exactly why its our front runner. The blanket is the Accent – Waterproof Throw.

  • Durability – The Accent can be machine washed and dried (cold and low). The blanket is also composed of three layers. These three layers will ensure that the blanket stays waterproof for a very long time and will hold up through anything you spray on it.
  • Comfort – Of the three layers the external ones are made of soft sherpa and flannel. No matter the season the Accent can ensure you stay warm or cool and your sheets or sofa stay dry. Who wouldn’t want that on them?
  • Ease of useMachine washed and dried and discreet waterproofness means the blanket can sit out and nobody is going to know. Just unfold and lay out and you are good to go. How awesome is that!

All in all we designed this blanket to be the only sex blanket you’d ever buy. We think we did an amazing job and so do our customers. We would love to have you try it for yourself and let us know.

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