A Waterproof Blanket – Canada

Posted on November 14 2023

Finally, a solution for wet spots and wet patches for our friends up north in Canada. Look we know it gets cold and snowy up there, and you guys get stuck inside so why not use a waterproof blanket. Why in the world would someone not need a waterproof blanket? It’s the perfect prevention solution for sex, snuggles, spills and stains. It’s a modern marvel that will save you a lot of time and a lot of loads of laundry. My goal is to cover the following:

  • What is a waterproof blanket?
  • How do they work?
  • What can I use it for?
  • What blank do you recommend?
  • Do you ship to Canada?

Let’s dive in and make a splash on the best way to never have another wet spot-on your king or queen bed, or your couch or sofa. No Canadian should have deal with wet sheets or sleep in a wet spot again.

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What is a waterproof blanket?

Simply enough, it’s a blanket that doesn’t let any water through. Couldn’t you say that any blanket is waterproof to some extent? Well yes, a few drops here and there wont get through any blanket to the surface below. But I mean come on, this is the big leagues here. We are getting into situations that more that a few drops are being spilt. Whether its spills during movie nights or fluids during sex a waterproof blanket has you covered.

Typically, the most effective waterproof blankets have a liner built in. This can be sewn to either the inside of the blanket or the outside. A liner can ensure that nothing is getting through. There are also blankets out there with waterproof coatings. We can dive into that below but the best bang for your buck is going to be a blanket with a liner.

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How do waterproof blankets work?

As mentioned above – there are two ways the blankets are waterproof – coatings or liners. Now depending on the use of the blanket the type for blanket you need may change. But, for majority of uses you are going to want to get a blanket with a liner.

  • Waterproof Coating
  • Waterproof Liner

                         How Does a waterproof Blanket work? An Action shot!

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Long story short – coatings are good, liners are better. If the blanket is for intimate use, pets or potty training spend the extra money and get a blanket with a sewn in waterproof membrane. Coated blankets can be uncomfortable and have a shorter life. The flipside of this is that these blankets are typically cheaper. I mentioned a shorter life – a coated blanket can eventually lose the coating. Through washes and just general use waterproof coatings can fade which can leave your bed wet, sloppy, and gross. Also – nobody wants to lay on top of a blanket with a waterproof coating.

Waterproof liners can have a longer life span if maintained properly, these blankets are also more durable and comfortable. If the liner or membrane is hidden within the blanket, you would never know that it is waterproof. Something that is great if you are trying to be discreet. You won’t have to worry with your grandma wants to cover up with it because she will never know!

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What can I use a waterproof blanket for?

The options are endless – while we must say, intimacy is one of the most popular use cases you can use it for just about anything. From cuddling on the couch to sporting events, potty training, and even as a period blanket. The layered design of the blanket makes it perfect for just about any use you can think of. Plus, if you want the blanket to just hang out on the edge of the bed or couch, you can do that too. Nobody will ever know this blanket was waterproof with how discreet it is! All in all – if you need waterproof protection a waterproof blanket has you covered. Don’t be afraid to use it for something way different than what you originally bought it for.

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Do you ship to Canada?

Of course, we do! We want lovers, parents, and enthusiasts in any country to be able to use a waterproof blanket! I will add – since we are based out of the United States shipping times could be a little longer when ordering to Canada. We like to think the blanket will arrive within 14 days but depending on customs this could hold up the process. As for cost – we have a flat rate of $10 USD for shipping internationally. We wish we could provide free shipping to our neighbors of the north, but it is very challenging due to high shipping costs when leaving the United States. To get the most bang for your buck we recommend getting a larger blanket to make sure that an extra flat rate shipping charge is put to good use!

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What blanket do we recommend?

We got started in this business because we needed a waterproof sex or intimacy blanket, after some time we realized that people in Canada needed a waterproof blanket as well. We designed the perfect blanket to fill the void and help those who need a solution. Whether they need easy clean up or are tired of wet sheets.

                         The #1 Waterproof Blanket for Sex, Adults, Kids and Pets!

We recommend the Accent – Waterproof Throw. A perfect addition to any bedroom or living room. Designed with the consumer in mind, the blanket has an internal waterproof membrane to stop all liquids and oils from getting through. With there being an internal waterproof layer, we got to make the blanket as comfortable as possible. The bottom side is flannel while the top is comfortable sherpa! By the looks of it nobody will know it is waterproof – so feel free to lay it out for all to see. Be sure to look at the care instructions here – but you need to wash the blanket cold and dry on a low setting to prolong the life of the blanket. High heat will slowly breakdown the waterproof liner inside of the blanket causing it to be a normal blanket, which isn’t what you want!

Place an order today, and be glad you did. We are proud to offer this option to those up north!

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