A Waterproof Love Blanket - Yes, You Need One

Posted on November 01 2023

So, you’re in love. Well maybe you aren’t but you love making love. Don’t we all? Whether you are doing it with yourself or someone else, we are the first ones to understand how things can get a little bit messy. Enter the waterproof love blanket, you are going to love it (pun intended). But, you are probably wondering how, why and what the heck it even is it?

  • Waterproof
  • Sex or Solo

Those two things, a waterproof blanket designed and created for sex, intimacy, and solo play in mind. We all love it when things get spicy but hate it when things get out of hand. It could be a wet spot or a puddle on the bed. Imagine not having to change the sheets or “deal with it in the morning”. That is exactly what a waterproof blanket does. It makes it so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up – you can relax and live in the moment. Let’s dive in and get that answer to that question above.

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Why a waterproof love blanket?

What better way to kick off a session or a night of intimacy than with a waterproof blanket. Tracy Gaspard writes that one of the best ways to increase intimacy is to “vary the type of sex that you have”

Why not have a night where the sex you have is the kind that requires a waterproof blanket? Something a little different than the norm to bring the excitement back? This is one of my favorite reasons to use a waterproof love blanket. However, there are a few more:

  • Comfort
  • Ease of cleaning

Comfort - let’s start right there. Who wouldn’t want to have their back, bottom, or bare skin laying on a super comfy plush blanket while getting ready to do it? I know many people have used puppy pee pads and towels in the past. To me, both of those items scream uncomfortable. How exactly are you going to set the mood opening a package that is meant to soak up the urine from dogs? And what about that is going to be comfortable?! Breaking out and laying down a blanket is going to feel so much more comfortable and be an all-around plus to your session or experience. A towel can be comfortable, but what good is that when it soaks through? It’s time to treat yourself with the comfort of a waterproof blanket.

Ease of cleaning – another very important topic when it comes to waterproof blankets vs other options. You never have to worry about liquids soaking through when you use a waterproof blanket. The keyword here is waterproof. No need to lay out more than one towel or about even a small spot soaking through. A waterproof love blanket is just that, waterproof. When you are all done simply fold it up to avoid any spills and walk to the washer where it is machine washable. It’s hard for me to think of a better way to clean up!

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 How does it work?

When it comes to these, there are many ways that love blankets are waterproof. This is a very important factor to look out for when making your decision to get a waterproof blanket. You want to find a blanket that is layered in nature, a soft quit or cotton blend on the outside and waterproofing on the inside. This means there is an internal waterproof liner to stop liquids from penetrating the surface underneath. Some blankets will have waterproof coatings or even outer linings. The issue with these is quite simple. Waterproof coatings can fade over time. Let’s say your blanket is being used multiple times a week, wash after wash will deteriorate the blanket and it can lose its waterproofing.

Water and Love - A waterproof Blanket

A similar issue can happen with blankets that have an external liner. With the waterproofing or waterproof side being exposed it can lead to the loss of integrity of the blanket. Cracking and fading from normal wear and tear of the blanket as well as washing and drying can happen quickly. Be sure to make sure your waterproof liner isn’t exposed. This will make sure the blanket life is prolonged and the comfort and quality of the role stays as well.

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How to clean it?

This depends on the blanket and the care instructions. Long story short – you want a blanket that can be machine washed. A waterproof blanket is most likely to make love on, which can get messy at times. Having the ability to machine wash and dry will make sure it is crisp and clean for many uses to come.

Typically, these blankets need to be washed on a delicate setting and have the drier set on a lower temperature as well. The liner of waterproof blankets is engineered materials such as TPU and plastic. These cannot be heated to a high heat or will melt and ruin the blanket. A longer drier session on a lower heat setting will do the trick to make sure the blanket gets nice and dry and won’t have a moldy smell.

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Which one should I get?

The question you have been wondering about. Which blanket should I get? We may be biased (LOL) but we put a lot of time into the design and creation of our blanket, The Accent. It is the perfect accent or addition to your bed or sofa. The blanket looks and feels like any other blanket you would use, but it’s waterproof and made for love! You can have no shame in throwing this thing on your couch or across your bed and inviting your grandparents over. They will never know!

A Waterproof Throw Blanket for Adults, Sex, Pets, Kids

The blanket has an interior waterproof liner so you can be sure you are getting something that is high quality. No more wet spots or wet sheets and cleanup is super easy. Simply ball it up and toss it in the washer and drier. See our care instructions here, but, we made it to be the easiest thing you ever did, other than making love. With several sizes the Accent is sure to protect any surface you lay it on. You will have peace of mind to have a relaxing time doing what you and yours love to do.

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