Couch Potato? Grab A Waterproof Throw For It

Posted on August 04 2023

So you like watching Netflix, eating dinner and possibly making love (having sex) on your couch? Which is why you are in the market for a waterproof throw for your sofa. Well, you cam to the right spot. Waterproof throws aren't just needed for the bedroom but are also an asset to you living room. We will walk you through what a waterproof blanket is, how they can be used, how they can be cleaned and our favorite options.

If you are lazy and want to know our favorite - it can be found here.

Waterproof Throws - What Are They?

Long story short - they are perfect for the sofa. Short story long... well lets just see. A simple definition is that a waterproof throw is a blanket that wont let any liquid throw. In todays day and age that could be a tarp or even a big piece of plastic. I think its important to note that we are talking about a piece of fabric that is comfortable and cozy - something big that you'd like to snuggle up with. In todays world waterproof throws typically are sewn together in layers - atleast the ones you want to use.

                                  How a Waterproof Blanket is Layered

As you can see in the image above there are two face fabrics with a waterproof membrane placed in the middle. Typically that inner membrane is a material such as TPU but in any case it wont let liquids through. Which is why we call these blankets waterproof.

How Can Waterproof Throws Be Used?

The list goes on and on here - for sex, camping, during sporting events, camping, picnics and most importantly on the sofa. When using a waterproof throw we see that people use it the most for:

  • Child-Friendly Solution: When children are around, accidents are bound to happen. Placing a waterproof blanket on the sofa provides a safeguard against spills, food stains, and other mishaps.
  • Dinner: Sometimes it just makes sense to watch a little TV with dinner. And who knows it may be so funny you spit out your drink.
  • Protecting Expensive or Vintage Sofas: We all have nice things, why not protect them from any of the above. Especially during adult activities!
  • Pet Protection: What happens when the pup jumps on the couch and knock your drink? Make it not a big deal!

How Can They Be Cleaned

Cleaning your waterproof throw may be a bit confusing to some. Yes, its waterproof and yes, it needs to be cleaned. The main point to remember when washing is that these throws are not the same as some of the others. As mentioned there are advanced materials like TPU inside of them, so its important not to get the throw too hot. Wash you waterproof throw on gentle and cold to ensure non of the waterproof membrane gets destroyed. When it comes to stains - our throws are made of polyester. Polyester is inherently stain resistant so most stains should be an issue. If there are some pesky stains (lube, coconut oil, wine) you can use a gentle stain remover.

 Our Choice Of Waterproof Throws

When it comes to waterproof throws due diligence is definitely needed. Who wants a leaky blanket or one that feels like concrete? Which is why we are here. We started this company because we wanted the best and we found that to be blankets that are layered (Our OG Accent can be found here). Soft flannel or sherpa on both side of the blanket just as shown as above.

As you can see in the image above the blanket is soft. You are going to want to snuggle up to this on the couch and stay there with this throw on you. The blanket was designed to have some absorption and complete water proofing. Minor spills will soak in and large spills will not get through.

You can find the throw here.